Alberto Ercoli’s Art


Master of all the techniques of golden workmanship as that one of embossment and incision of the lost wax and so on, by the time Alberto Ercoli matured several expressive forms. At the beginning he was mostly tied to figurative lines to create objects of little dimensions. These object could call back traditional elements for example a dragon or a snake. Founder based above the gold, sometimes worked as filigree, sometimes as full figures, the creations progressively gone enriching themselves of other materials as precious stones from the great harmonies of colours (retrieved in different areas of the earth as Australia, Middle-East and other countries) precious metals and platinum, silver, bright sapphires.


By the time the artist’s style  grew up toward more forms syntonic with the contemporaneity. Curved and sinuous forms defined “cleaned, harmonious, sweet” by Ercoli that never arrive to the pure and geometric pattern, but come and get closer to the same inspiration of the greatest actual pictorial art. 

Alberto Ercoli creation style is essentially only, personal endowed and with a strong identity, and if it’s analysed for its more internal meanings it testifies several aesthetical values that is addressed toward levels as spirituality, problems list of the contemporary world and humanity central themes.

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