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Born in Spoleto, Alberto Ercoli studied goldsmith’s art while he worked in a jewelry. His teacher was an Umbrian important artist not so much interested in an own production but in instruction. With it he infused to his students the passion of the art suggesting them to perform this job in high quality.

Expert in embossment, chisel and filigree (following the Italian tradition of the end of the 7th and the beginning of the 8th century) that teacher devolved to Alberto Ercoli all the secrets of that manufacture which created the base where the activity of the young goldsmith in the first years developed and grew up.


In the 1990 he moved to Rome and opened a laboratory of his own in the city centre. Ercoli earned the opportunity to be noticed even inside the Quirinale. People there commissioned him jewels and other precious objects to be used in official circumstances. By the time the President Scalfaro and then Ciampi called on him everytime they had to pay homage to other presidents’ wives during their visit in Italy in Official State.

There was a very particular occasion when Carlo Azelio Ciampi’s wife gave a jewel by Ercoli to Laura Bush, the American First Lady. The woman was so enthusiast so she wrote a letter of praise to thank the Italian woman for the present. The artist still owns a copy of that letter


Since about 2000 coinciding the opening of the laboratory and the selling point in another part of Rome nearby the Parlamento, Alberto Ercoli activity modified a bit. It passed from a creative style (too much linked to a figurative expression) to a personal line much more close to the modern sensibility, based on a particular reworking with geometric shapes. 

Sometimes customers ask for object with figured elements only, and other times the element is chosen from the customer with the help of Ercoli. Much more often the artist successfully proposes the fruit of his ideation which contains in a single object several meanings, values and symbols brought by both the lines and the material used, including rare stones and precious materials.


In more recent times Ercoli added incision and sculpture activity with wood’s prefential workmanship to create objects of various sizes expressing in different ways the variegated ramifications of his artistic creativity.


If the most of Ercoli productions born and spread themselves following commercial channels created by his own laboratory, in a large number were even the occasions where was asked the artist to exhibit specimens a personal and collective exhibition in Italy and abroad. 

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